Freelance Work

I freelance in the following areas, with 8+ years experience in most areas.

  • Academic CoachingFrom imposter syndrome to difficulty saying no, toxic work environments to a desire for a better work/life tension, academic coaching services are for you. Find out more here:
  • Academic Editing — While I do freelance editing for individuals or publishing houses, I specialize in working with underserved populations within academia: women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and more.  My goal is to provide you with the editing you need while maintaining positive reinforcement as well—we can all use improvement, but  that does not make us frauds! 10+ years experience
  • Writing Accountability — Do you need accountability in meeting your writing goals? Would you like assistance in setting realistic goals that you can reach? Writing Accountability is a great resource to stay accountable to yourself and learn how to set SMART goals. We can meet for 30 minutes each week to make sure you are meeting these goals! Clients have also used this service to balance teaching, writing (dissertation, article, book), and job market materials.   10+ years experience

Please contact me at with your project for timelines, needs, and scaled pricing.