I am currently Honorary Research Fellow at the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies at Sheffield. I am broadly trained in Biblical Studies and later interpretive communities, and the Second Temple (including New Testament/Early Christianity) and Rabbinic periods.

I have two projects currently underway:

The first project is a collaborative undergraduate textbook titled Jewish and Christian Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World (with Dr Meredith Warren [Sheffield] and Dr Sara Parks [Nottingham)]; Routledge 2021), which examines ancient Jewish, Christian, and Greco-Roman religious communities and practices. This textbook teaches students how to 1) uncover the voices of women in antiquity, 2) reconstruct “real” women based on materials predominantly written by and for men, and 3) examine portrayals of women as well as gendered expectations. To do this, we utilize a variety of interpretive methods (e.g. feminist, queer, post-colonial) while also challenging the scholarly compartmentalization of ancient Mediterranean religions and cultures.

My second project is a monograph that combines the study of texts from the 1st through 3rd centuries CE with material evidence to investigate how early Jewish communities responded to crisis. I am interested in how textual and material evidence reveals ancient attempts to define and establish authority within these communities, and the role of apocalyptic conceptions of the end of days in the composition and interpretation of biblical texts.

In addition, I work in contemporary portrayals of the end times, especially in popular culture. I conduct research in gender theory and women and gender studies. My recently published co-edited book, Gender & Second Temple Judaism, (Lexington/Fortress) brings together upcoming and established scholars in gender.  I also dabble in the afterlives of biblical and apocryphal stories in popular culture, especially in science fiction and dystopian genres.

I have served as visiting assistant professor of religion at Centre College and as visiting instructor of Jewish Studies/Religion at Colgate University; I have also taught at McGill University, the University of Kentucky, and Butler University. My courses have covered Judaism/Jewish Studies, Ancient Scripture (both canons and non-canonical literature), and Religion in Antiquity, with a broad array of upper-level courses and graduate courses. In my teaching I use high-impact practices such as community-based learning, and I have mentored and supervised student research. I have administrative experience in community-based learning and volunteering for college students and  served as the liaison between students, college, and larger community for these positions at Earlham College. In addition I was the faculty advisor to the Jewish Students’ Organization, where, in addition advising their activities, I brought in speakers on topics such as anti-semitism and I organized and led the Centre College Passover Seder.

Contact me at s.sheinfeld@sheffield.ac.uk.

Last updated 27 February 2021